Since PAWS is a not-for-profit with no government funding we rely solely on donations from animal lovers like YOU to enable us to continue saving innocent lives.  We do not have paid staff so your dollars go directly to help the animals.  Because PAWS enforces a strict no-kill policy, we have very high veterinary costs to ensure quality of life for animals with disabilities and chronic ailments. 

There are a number of ways in which you can donate to PAWS:

Monthly Giving

This is the best way to ensure we have a continuous income to provide our animals with the superior care and attention for which PAWS is known.  With monthly donations your dollars go towards helping animals 365 days of the year.  This steady funding enables us to provide life-saving veterinary care as well as routine surgeries and procedures which keep our animals in top-notch health.


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Please see the following attachment for the particulars of this program which is ongoing.  We welcome you to sponsor any animal at our shelter … these pages provide a few suggestions.

Paws Angels


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One-Time Donation

If monthly giving is not an option a single donation is always greatly appreciated and can be in any amount which fits your budget.  We assure you that each dollar goes directly to helping our animals.


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In-Honour Donations

There are always special occasions which we like to mark in special ways: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Chanukah, retirements, graduations, showers.  What could be more special than bringing hope to an abused or abandoned animal? Whether it be for yourself or for other animal lovers in your life please consider making a donation to PAWS to mark that special occasion.  For every donation of $50 or more we will acknowledge your gift by sending a certificate to the special person in whose name the gift was made.  Please be sure to include accurate information pertaining to the addressee of the certificate to ensure its timely receipt.


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In-Memoriam Donations

When you send a donation to PAWS in remembrance of a loved one you touch the lives of homeless animals in a special way.  The lives of those we cherish are forever honoured through an in-memoriam donation and we acknowledge this gift with a touching card to your loved ones.


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We encourage all animal lovers to become a PAWS member.  For an annual payment of $30 you will receive our quarterly newsletter, PAW Print, regular updates on our rescued animals and notification of all special events.  Our members are part of our PAWS family and all of us here at the shelter thank you for your generosity!


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Gift Memberships

PAWS gift memberships make a unique birthday, wedding, anniversary or holiday gift. Your donation of $30 or more entitles the new member to receive our quarterly newsletter, PAW Print, regular updates on our rescued animals and notification of all special events.

Please provide us with the name and address of your gift recipient so that we may send a special packet including a Gift Notice and a recent issue of PawPrint.

If you donate by credit card online, please be sure to send an e-mail to with the recipient's information.  Our PAWS family thanks you and welcomes our new friend!


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United Way Donor Designations

Does the company you work for support the United Way by encouraging you to donate weekly/bi-weekly or monthly directly from your earnings?  Did you know that you can designate your contributions via the United Way to PAWS?

PLEASE help homeless animals TODAY – tell your employer that you would like your contributions to be directed to PAWS.  You would be amazed at how quickly your contributions accumulate over the course of a year.  With only a few dollars from each paycheque you can help save countless lives.


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Work Place Grants and Matching

We encourage all PAWS supporters to inquire about grant-giving programs such as those offered by Bell Canada and RBC whereby the employee performs a certain number of Volunteer hours and the corporation makes a donation to acknowledge your important work. 

How would YOU like to help homeless animals – twice over?

If the company you work for has a Matching Gift Program – you might just be able to double the assistance you can provide to the animals PAWS rescues.

Here is a list of companies OF WHICH WE ARE AWARE who believe in MATCHING your charitable gifts.  If your employer is not listed herein, feel free to ask if they do have a similar program or if they would consider implementing one and be sure to let us know so that we can add them to this list.

  • Alberta Energy
    Company Ltd.
  • ATCO Ltd.
  • BCE Inc.
  • Bell Canada
  • Campbell Soup
    Company Ltd.
  • Canadian Ultramar
  • Chevron Canada
  • Clarica Life
  • General Electric
    Canada Inc.
  • H.J. Heinz Company
    of Canada Ltd.
  • Hoechst Marion
    Roussel Canada Inc.
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kellogg Canada Inc.
  • Labatt Brewing
    Company Limited
  • Mackenzie Financial
  • Mark's Work
    Wearhouse Ltd.
  • McCormick Canada
  • Murphy Oil Co. Ltd.
  • Mutual Group
  • Nutrasweet-Kelco
  • Pfizer Canada Inc.
  • Ralston Purina
  • Redpath Sugars
    Industries Ltd.
  • Searle Canada
  • TELUS Corporation
  • The Molson
    Companies Ltd.
  • The Quaker Oats
    Company of Canada
  • The Standard Life
    Assurance Company
  • Trimark Financial
  • Wal-Mart Canada
  • Wrigley Canada

In addition to the companies listed above, many employers very generously offer Grant Giving to their volunteers’ favoured charities (i.e. Bell Canada and RBC).  PLEASE approach your employer on behalf of PAWS, contact us regarding Volunteer opportunities in order to fulfill their expectations and let’s work together to help save precious lives.

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For The Love Of PAWS Toonie Campaign 2007

The month of May 2007 is being devoted to our TOONIE CAMPAIGN.  Yes, save your toonies and encourage others to do so.  Can you imagine if all animal lovers in the City of Toronto donated a toonie?  We would have our new shelter faster than Sparky could wag his tail.  Your toonies will be applied toward our $1,000,000 goal for our shelter relocation … stay tuned … and keep saving!!!  Be sure to tell others to do so also … why not take up a collection from friends, family, neighbours or co-workers?

Don’t hesitate to suggest a dress-down Friday or another simple fundraising idea to raise those toonies at your place of business.

Feel free to make donations ahead of time online, by cheque or stop in to see us at the All About Pets Show in April (booth #325).  You may also consider dropping off your toonies at our Annual Bazaar and Bake Sale in May.

Our Volunteers are in the process of making arrangements with a financial institution in order that all animal lovers can conveniently contribute their toonies – stay tuned for details as to where you can drop off your donation.

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Donate Land or Land and Buildings

We are searching for land with buildings on site for our shelter relocation project.  If you or someone you know can help with this, please contact us TODAY.

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Planned Giving

Our love for animals is a deep and abiding one which we can pass along even after we are gone.  Leaving a legacy to PAWS is a supremely compassionate gesture which enables us to provide continued assistance to innocent animals who cling to hope even as society ignores their pain and suffering.

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Living Legacy – See Your Donation At Work

We know that many animal lovers often decide to leave all or a portion of their estate to organizations helping animals.  Although we are very grateful for this generosity, we also like to promote the idea of a “Living Legacy”.  This means that you are able to SEE the fruits of your labour, to enjoy the wondrous gift which you have given to animals.

PAWS is committed to building a premier animal sanctuary here in Ontario within the next 3 years.  We envision a place where the animals come FIRST, where the sanctuary is truly THEIRS and where they enjoy all the comforts of home while still having access to superior medical attention.  We believe such a facility will begin to tip the scales in favour of no-kill policies which recognize each and every animal as an individual worth saving.

However, the harsh reality is that to build such a sanctuary we will need a large sum of money.  At present, our target is $1,000,000.  Just think, if every person in Toronto donated $2.00 we would have TWICE the amount of money we require!

Living legacies are a chance to put a large sum of money to work for the animals NOW.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the animals in their new home, to realize how many more lives YOU HAVE SAVED and to be part of something truly unique?  Why wait?  Please consider contributing to PAWS at this pivotal point in our history.

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Remembering the Animals in Your Will/Bequests

It is very important for ALL of us that we prepare our wills in a timely fashion so that our wishes will be fulfilled after we are gone.  If you wish to make a bequest to PAWS for the animals please speak to your lawyer as soon as possible.  Sometimes even our best intentions can be thwarted if we don’t put the proper planning in place.  This is DOUBLY important if you have your own companion animals for whom you need to make arrangements.  There is nothing sadder than loyal friends who find themselves homeless and without solace after their beloved caregiver has passed away. Paws FAQs - After Care

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Naming PAWS as a Beneficiary

There are ways in which you can name PAWS as the beneficiary to your RRSP or a life insurance policy.  Please contact us at 416-520-7995 to discuss these gifts of compassion or discuss same with your financial advisor.

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How YOU Can Fundraise for PAWS

Simple and Selfless Fundraising as suggested by Nadine & Michael who successfully raised approximately $2,300.00 in August of 2006

Hold A Garage and Bake Sale/Bazaar

Dress Down Fridays At Your Place Of Business

Promote our “For The Love of PAWS” Toonie Campaign.

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PAWS Wish List

Monetary Donations – Please review Our “Donate” page for the various options available.

Land Donation - We are searching for land with buildings on site for our shelter relocation project.  If you or someone you know can help with this, please contact us TODAY.

Gift Cards - Gift cards from the following retailers are always greatly appreciated so that we can purchase much needed supplies for the shelter and for our office:

Pet Supply Stores
Canadian Tire
Staples/Business Depot/Grand and Toy
Gas Stations

We also welcome gift cards, gift certificates and new/unique items from businesses who would like to be featured at our many special events.


Canadian Tire $
Unused Postage Stamps
Paper Towels
Garbage Bags and Twist Ties
Stationery – 8 ½ x 11 Paper (our needs change from week to week so gift cards are very helpful)
Cat Scratching Posts

Pet Food and Cat Litter - because change is often unwelcome to cats, we do try to maintain regularity in their litter and food.  Please contact the shelter to find out what brands we use.

Gently-used items and baked goods for our annual Garage Sale/Bazaar – Please refer to our News and Events

Handy people to assist with various repairs at our foster homes

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Please give generously and remember … PAWS is a not-for-profit.

Peoples Animal Welfare Society
2300 Lawrence Avenue East
Box 73039
Toronto, ON  M1P 2R2

Phone: 416-520-7995


All online donations are secure. PAWS does not trade, share or sell our membership list with/to anyone.

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