Happy Tails

As PAWS has been tirelessly assisting animals in need since 1972 … one can only imagine how many ‘Happy Tails’ we can proudly report.  So many of our friends (both the 2 legged and the 4 legged type) have been touched by our work.  It brings our Volunteers great pleasure to provide the unconditional love that so many of our animals have been craving and this love is always returned tenfold!!

Happy endings always bring a smile to everyone’s heart so we encourage you to submit your Happy Tail today!!

Happy Tails  |  In Praise of PAWS

Happy Tails

Dear Kim and Friends:


You know I can't tell you how thankful I am that you talked me into adopting two of these wonderful creatures.  I have always only adopted a single older cat but I now have double the joy.  And they are just that - an absolute delight.  It grieves me that the majority of people only want a kitten when an older cat is just as playful and just as filled with unconditional love.  An older cat seems to be more comfortable in its own skin and I know my two little sweeties have been perfectly compatible since day one.   I can't believe they have only been with me a few short months.  I feel as if my two ten-year olds have shared my home for all of their ten years and I hope that they will be loving-me-to-death for at least another ten years.  They are magic.

~ Marge

Maggie – one of Marge’s ‘Little Darlings’

Hella ~ Kim’s Mom  and one of the Main Caregivers to the animals PAWS rescues with Phantom one of our FIV+ residents

Rusty ~ in his 24th year

Buddy Budster and Silly Sylvester taking a break

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to let you know that Spot is doing great! It's just over two weeks since he came into our home. He is so loving and affectionate, he has certainly filled a void in my life. I realize that he is FIV positive, but without you telling me I certainly would never have known. He is a healthy happy extremely clean cat with a great personality and has certainly made himself right at home. If I go out to run some errands he sits in the front window and waits for me to come home, then runs to the door to greet me with his funny chattering. His favourite thing is to sit on my lap and cuddle. FIV positive to me means he has the right to a loving home just like any other pet, and we are certainly glad he chose our home to share his love in. I would certainly recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting a pet to consider an FIV + cat, as I think they realize that they are being given a second chance and that makes them all the more loving.

PAWS is a great friend to have if you are an animal that is need of care and love....

Thanks Very Much Again

~ Ellen and Harry ( Spots new Mom and Dad )

Spot Helping With The Kitty Laundry

In Praise of PAWS


I've been reflecting on the time spent visiting the animals in your care and I really want to thank you again. I now fully understand what it means to give without expecting anything in return.  You've shown me what true selflessness, generosity, compassion and kindness is. I am humbled by that and I realize that I have much to learn in those areas. I have never met anyone like you and I am truly happy that you are on my path. I'm glad that I will be able to make a small contribution to your life's mission.  Knowing you soothes my soul and nourishes my spirit.  Thank you for being you and for confirming that there are wonderful people out there such as you that are taking care of a part of our Universe.  I am going to direct energy towards making sure you meet the right people that share your vision and that will help you on your way.

Be strong as you already are and do only what feels right. You already know the path, and you are already well on your way to having your sanctuary.  Sending positive thoughts and bright beams of energy your way.

~ A Friend of PAWS


Dear Kim:

I just wanted to tell you that I really admire what you're doing and how long you've been at this without giving up.

Kim, there are honestly very few people like you out there, who would dedicate themselves so entirely to a passion that takes more than it gives.  You've done great things for PAWS and I know you'll only continue to make it better.  Hang in there, your break is coming!


~ Nicole


I'm writing this letter to express gratitude to PAWS for recently taking in my adult special needs cat, Sophie.

I learned about PAWS as I desperately researched places to re-home my cat of many years. There were very limited options available for people in my situation. Most places, like city shelters, were no longer taking any cats. Most shelters do not have a no-kill policy. Still, other smaller shelters were not supportive of my difficult decision to re-home my cat.

I considered myself an informed and sensitive pet owner faced with a difficult decision. For health and personal reasons, the decision to find Sophie a new home seemed inevitable. However, I could not have imagined how difficult it would be to do so. Besides the idea of parting with my cat, what I found most difficult was people's lack of compassion for my situation--even though I communicated my situation explaining that this decision was not easy, was not a situation I could have predicted and that I wanted the best for my cat. Although I fully understand animal welfare workers' perspectives and respect the challenging work they do, I did not expect the often rude reaction I received from those working on behalf of animals.

When I first spoke to Kim at PAWS it was refreshing to hear from a compassionate person. It was clear that Kim works on behalf of animals and that she puts their needs first, but she spoke to me with respect and gave me a chance to prove to her that I was not just giving away my cat without reason,  thought and planning. She gave me advice, and offered to post Sophie on the PAWS website. After that point I felt Kim was committed to me and to Sophie. That sort of commitment felt miraculous.

PAWS is a special organization that truly does not reject people or pets--but offers their time, advice and, when deemed appropriate as it was in my situation, their space to animals in need. It is a place where animals will be loved and taken care of. Personally I learned how important and necessary organizations like PAWS are to both people and animals--to a healthy society! Furthermore, PAWS is a place where responsible people who have to re-home their pets can turn to without feeling like heartless people.  I know that if I had to re-home my cat who I adore, then there most be others in similar situations without many choices.

Unfortunately, there are not many places like PAWS. Therefore, I know that PAWS deserves the best resources possible to continue the special work they do for animals in all sorts of situations. For example, it is my hope that a more expansive facility can be developed to house the animals. PAWS definitely has the heart and skill in its leadership to do what is best for these animals. Kim is a visionary who is humane to both the people and animals she comes into contact with--I will not forget her kindness and generosity.  I know if given the chance with greater resources she would do the best job possible to further PAWS' commitment to animals as she already does so know with limited resources.

In my experience, PAWS is a role-model organization working to improve society, and the people at PAWS deserve the appropriate recognition and support to continue their efforts on behalf of animals.

Thank you.


~ Tina Meale


Kim Heys has been a client of Secord Animal Hospital since 1997.  PAWS is a not-for-profit animal shelter whose goal is to provide quality care and ultimately the perfect home for all of its residents.  Kim has been working in association with PAWS since 1995.  Kim is passionate to her cause, dedicated to her furry friends and sensitive not to alienate herself from society.  Many on the path of animal welfare find themselves callous, disenchanted and negative.  Kim, after many rough years of growth, is still upbeat and positive.

Kim is an excellent ambassador for our little friends and understands not to alienate those who do not share her passion but to educate and inspire.  Kim’s goal has been to create a special sanctuary revolving around her compassion and love for the animals.

I wish her well!

~ Dr. Michael Cormier, D.V.M.
    Secord Animal Hospital


Kim Heys has been bringing her lost, abandoned and needy animals to my clinic since 1995.  I work with many animal rescue organizations, but none have such an excellent combination of compassion and organizational skills.  PAWS is a reputable rescue organization who enforces a “no-kill” policy.

PAWS is one of the only organizations who routinely viral screens (FELV, FIV) their cats.  This is helping to improve the overall health of the feral cat population in the GTA. 

The running of an animal rescue program must be efficient and integrated meeting the needs of people and incorporating a program of health care for the animals.  Kim accomplishes this marvelously.  I hope that Kim and PAWS are able to continue their work for many years to come.

~ Sam Munn, D.V.M.
    Greenwood Park Animal Hospital


Our President Kim with some of her treasured friends:

Kim & Jumbo

Kim & Pookie

Kim & Baby Shadow

Kim & Shadow