PAWS has hundreds of animals available for adoption (or sponsorship) at any given time. This information is updated regularly so we encourage you to visit our adoption pages frequently. Please go to our Petfinder site to see our list of animals for adoption. If you do not find a suitable companion, please contact us … you never know … another special animal may have just found their way to PAWS.

PAWS would like to thank Petfinder for helping to find forever homes for so many of the critters we have rescued.

If you are unable to provide an animal with a home right now but would still like to help, why not consider sponsoring a resident of our shelter TODAY?


PAWS Adoptions Procedure:

If you are ready to adopt a new family member, please contact PAWS at / 1-416-520-7995.  One of our Volunteers will then request a few minutes of your time in order that we may complete a short questionnaire (by telephone) to determine whether or not we have an animal who might be the right ‘fit’ for you.  Shortly thereafter, a brief in-home visit will be conducted.  This is solely to help us assess the compatibility of our animals with your household and NOT to judge whether you have laundry on the sofa or dishes in the sink.  At this time, we will be able to put a “name to a face” and, if the adoption is approved, sign the adoption agreement.

PAWS is very particular about the ‘forever homes’ in which our animals are placed.  Please remember that we are their ONLY advocates and we do not take this responsibility lightly.  When we complete a successful adoption all of us at PAWS take great pleasure in knowing that our animals are safe, loved and finally able to enjoy the good life.  We encourage everyone who adopts to keep in touch, send pictures and stories and to consider a companion for the animal you have adopted.

PAWS adopts animals with the understanding that, should the placement not prove to be successful for any reason, the animal is to be returned to us.  WE NEVER EUTHANIZE THESE ANIMALS.  If possible they will be re-adopted.  If not, they will live out the rest of their lives at our shelter.

About The Health Of The Animal You Are Considering Adopting:

PAWS is committed to doing our utmost to adopt out animals who are in excellent health.  We may occasionally have a ‘special needs’ animal who requires a prescribed diet, medication(s) or who may have a health issue.  Rest assured that we will always disclose honest and accurate information to you and will share any and all health records with you and your veterinarian.  PAWS is the only organization in North America (of which we are aware) which actually conducts blood-screening of all our rescued cats to determine whether they have FIV, FeLV or FIP.  PAWS never euthanizes these cats but makes housing arrangements on an individual basis.  Please note that these blood tests are not always accurate and that DNA testing may be required to confirm the diagnosis.  Please see our FAQs for further information.


Animals who are abandoned or homeless are almost always misunderstood and deemed ‘unadoptable’ by other rescue organizations who do not properly assess their temperament.  Dogs are often thought to be aggressive and cats are believed to be ‘feral’ when they are nothing less than terrified and alone – fighting for their lives, for food, shelter and territory.  They simply need a caring and experienced third party (PAWS) to intervene on their behalf and lead them to a safe haven.

Please help PAWS continue our good work by making a donation today … as well, we ask that you kindly network to help get the word out there.  Tell friends, family, co-workers, neighbours – all fellow animal lovers – to help PAWS to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Rambo (has been adopted)

Rambo Rambo & Marilyn

This handsome dude is 5 year old Rambo. He was originally from the streets of Cuba where his former owners used to reside and was brought back to Canada to live the good life. However, after living with his people for 4 years he was given to PAWS in April 2008, when their new baby arrived on the scene. About 6 months after he was admitted into our foster care program, Rambo developed diabetes. A considerable amount of vetting was done to save his life but he is fine now and his condition is managed with proper care, food and medications. Rambo is looking for someone very special who is willing to administer insulin twice daily and go the extra mile to provide him with a loving home. Rambo is an awesome cat who is neutered, litter box trained, affectionate, playful and has a lovely disposition. To learn more about Rambo email or call 416-520-7995.

“Alone we can do so little – together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller