Life at PAWS

Tawny text-messaged me this morning bright and early and we got started on gearing ‘The Gang’ up for the day as soon as she arrived. There were litter boxes to scoop and wash, food and water bowls to fill, heads to pat and chins to scratch and little ones to nuzzle. She and I work well together and we enjoy each other’s company. After several hours, we took a break for lunch. Before we finished preparing our feast suddenly, without a word, Tawny pointed out the kitchen window. There was a deer on our lawn … and then another … and soon three others followed. Amazingly, this is a sight that is often seen here in Muskoka – but I don’t recall ever seeing them in the middle of the day. Deer are such gentle animals – I am personally so disappointed in those who feel it’s ‘tradition’ or ‘sport’ to hunt them – but that is another story – for another day. It was a beautiful sight and we set out for a 20 minute walk to see if we could follow – but they are much faster than we – and so much more elusive.

The days are long at the PAWS shelter and I’m definitely not complaining. Our first priority ALWAYS is to ensure the well-being of the animals and second to that – the cleanliness of their surroundings. There are many telephone calls to return, e-mails to respond to, veterinary appointments to attend, what seems like TONZ of paperwork to sort through, supplies to be re-stocked and lots and lots of love to be offered to our four-legged friends who rely entirely on our Volunteers for their existence.

Tonight when I returned from yet another trek to Toronto (‘round about 2:00 a.m. … yes, that’s Huntsville to Toronto and back to Huntsville in the same day ~ with many stops along the way), I was greeted by a bunch of frisky felines who were happier than usual to see me. As Shadow (our Shelter Mascot) is now a Senior and in her 16th year (for the most part without hearing) it took her a while to realize I was home, however, her sniffer still works and her cravings for cookies has not subsided. We took a short walk under the bright full moon and millions of stars and it gave me a chance to breathe … and to be thankful for all PAWS has accomplished. Seeing those little faces, safe and sound, warm and fed … is more fulfilling than words could possibly describe.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize what is truly important in life – simple things such as kindness and love, forgiveness, hope and determination. I’ve learned that tomorrow is a new day and that we must always try to stay positive.

I made my rounds (yup – more scooping, feeding and watering) … checking to make sure all was well. I was pleasantly surprised to find that our newest addition, Rambo (aka Rambi) had finally eaten and that he was purring and needed a hug. Rambo was delivered to us late in the evening on Easter Sunday by his human Dad who loved him more than anything. He was rescued by ‘Mr. P’ in Cuba approximately four years ago and Mr. P. was devastated about having to make the decision to surrender him to PAWS. Sadly, Rambo and the new child in the household were unable to reside together. That being said, Mr. P. indicated that it was only PAWS whom he trusted and that was why he made the trek from Toronto to Muskoka to ensure the safety of Rambo who is now in search of a new ‘forever’ home. Please see Rambo’s picture front and centre here on our web site and give some consideration to adopting him. Unable to provide a permanent loving home for Rambi? Why not tell everyone you know about this special boy – PAWS Volunteers are determined to find him a wonderful new home.

Did I happen to mention that I’m trying to type this while staring between the ears of Tippy – one of the ‘kittens’ who is growing up fast and who has discovered just how interesting it is to observe and try to catch the cursor on the computer monitor? This does NOT make it easy to document my thoughts. He’s quite a little character as are his Brothers Mookie and Pippy … all of whom are now due to be neutered (yes, it’s been a slow time for adoptions) and we are actively campaigning for the funding for same. Feel free to make a donation online to help with our expenses in this regard. We thank you, in advance, for your assistance (cheques are, of course, also gratefully accepted via snail mail – please click on DONATE for more information).

I now realize it is close to 4:00 a.m. and as I glance around the office – I see that most of the cats are AWAKE and raring to go! Sorry to disappoint folks, but I’m off to bed, yahn. My eyes are closing and tomorrow is another day.